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Be a part of the Tambaya inner circle! 🙂

Did you know you don’t have to come to Tambaya just to check for new posts?

Well, if you didn’t know, now you know! You can have Tambaya delivered straight to your desktop or mobile every time there’s a new post. And there are so many options, I’m certain you’ll find one you like!


This is the simplest (and best) way to subscribe to Tambaya, and the easiest way to read it. It’s also your best bet if you check your email regularly. And just so you know: I respect your privacy, and will not share your emails with a third party. Never.


If you (like more and more people), connect more from a mobile device than anywhere else, there’s another option you can consider: bookmark Tambaya in your mobile browser: if you use the Chrome browser for Android, simply tap on the star. If you’re an iPhone user, hit the share button and bookmark from there. (Of course, this option means none of the specials subscribers will get.) 🙂

Social media: Facebook & Twitter

If you’re a regular Facebook user, you can like the Tambaya Facebook page (you’ll see the badge on most Tambaya pages around the site).

If Twitter is more your thing, you can follow me @TruthHuntr (

An aside: Everyone is social these days (hey, it’s social, after all!) and you can find and follow Tambaya from there, too. The only glitch: things easily get lost in the never-ending stream of info, and that could include your Tambaya notification. So unless you know you don’t miss a thing, you might want to consider one of the other options.


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