Blogs I love

Most authors put a blogroll on their site, but I’ve never particularly liked how those can clutter up the page. So instead, I’m taking a cue from Jaycee’s site (Light A Lamp), where she creates a separate page for that.

So here are some of my favourite blogs. I’ll necessarily be updating this page every now and then, so do check back from time to time.


PS. I’ve configured each link to open in a new tab or window, so you don’t have to worry about leaving this page.

Seth Godin. His blog has been described as the number one for a single blogger in the world. And with reason. Every single day, he delivers short, pithy posts that never fail to provoke thought and stimulate action.

Desiring God. Resources from the ministry of John Piper. Piper has influenced my spiritual growth more than any single other person alive.

Light A Lamp. Jennifer “Jaycee” Abayowa’s inspirational blog. If you follow her on Twitter, you get the extra bonus of getting her “Daily Good Reads”: carefully chosen inspirational posts from across the blogosphere.

What’s Best Next. Matt Perman’s blog on effectiveness, productivity, management, social justice and Christianity. All at once.

Jonathan’s Blog from the Source. I’m into volunteer work with teenagers, and this is one of my favourite resources! Jonathan McKee blogs one or two times a week about all things adolescent: music, movies, fashion, parenting, discussions – and a giveaway every now and then!

BellaNaija. Hey, I’m Nigerian, after all. And this is probably the most famous blog in the country. It’s a group blog, our very own Huffington Post! You’re almost certain to find a columnist you like.

StoryFix. Larry Brooks blog is about the mechanics of story writing, and what he has to say may well save your life. Your novel writing life, I mean.


What do YOU think?

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