TruthHunter here.

And I love ideas.

That last sentence contains the thread that ties together all the various expressions of who I am. I love ideas because they make the world go round, like an invisible axis; because they’re like air: immensely important, inescapably pervasive and yet intrinsically intangible.

I love words (and therefore, reading and writing) because they’re the vehicles for the ideas I love so much.

I love the human mind, and the idea of exploring what I call “inner space.”

I love volunteering because there’s no better way to declare my commitment to the ideas that matter most to me than to work for free to bring them to life, and I volunteer for youth work because I’m intrigued by the challenge of sharing ideas with those who will enjoy (hopefully) their fulfilment.

Of course, the next best thing to a really thrilling idea is sharing one.

Which is why I write.

Welcome to my blog.  Tambaya! is about the big questions of life, the questions we all acknowledge as being the most important and yet somehow lose sight of while we struggle to get by each day. Questions like “Who am I?”, “What matters?”, “What should matter?” But it’s not just about asking those questions. It’s about asking them in the middle of real life.

What I hope you’ll gain from Tambaya! is a little provocation each day, something to life your eyes above the rat race, make you scratch a little deeper beneath the surface of daily life, make you a little more aware.

A little more human.

What do YOU think?

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