Some of my favourite apps

My top go to apps

Trello rocks for project management and collaboration and pretty much anything to do with getting things done. Android | iOS

Evernote is the boss of note-taking apps. (I know most people use the ones that come with their phones, but that only makes sense if you will never leave Apple or Samsung or whatever. Me I can’t deal. Give me freedom or give me…just give me freedom.) Android | iOS

Buffer is nifty at posting to multiple social media networks. Plus the scheduling rocks. Android | iOS

Notegraphy is amazing for creating quick word-based graphics. Android | iOS

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides for my mobile office. (Because, online sync. Why people continue to use apps without sync remains forever beyond me.) DocsSheets and Slides for Android | Docs, Sheets and Slides for iOS

Bible (by YouVersion), because Bible apps are generally ugly beyond belief. Life is too short to be staring for minutes on end into ugly apps. Plus there’s a major update coming soon! (I LOVE apps with active developers.) Android | iOS

NOTE: (I use an — or is it a? — HTC and an iPad) and have all these apps on both devices. Following are my Android-only apps.

Google Keyboard is my go-to for fast gesture typing! (Plus it’s pretty. Like I said, I can’t stand ugly apps. I’m looking at you SwiftKey. It’s also has nearly zero lag. Take that, Swype.) Android only

Link Bubble (the only paid app in this list) is simply amazing. You won’t know how much you always wanted it until you use it. Telling you it opens links in a bubble without leaving Facebook or Twiitter or whatever doesn’t quite capture its amazingness.(If you simply must have free though, try Flynx.) Android only

Honourable mention to BBM for their latest major Android update. I’d almost abandoned the app for sheer annoyance until the revived it with Material Design and UI overhaul. Finally, you can select multiple smileys! Who knew?! Android | iOS


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