“Difficult” vs. “Important”

“That’s too difficult.”

It’s one of the common responses to new situations. You’ve probably said it before yourself. And probably with good reason, because it’s often true.

And mostly unimportant.

After all, isn’t it difficult to make a marriage work? Raise a kid? Build a business? Write a book? Make a difference?

Of course it is. None of those things are easy in the least, but it doesn’t stop thousands of people from starting on any one of them every single day. (And given that most new ventures fail, you have to wonder why many more start the very same things? Maybe they don’t know the high failure rate. Or – and this is my take – humans are just hard-wired to start things.)

If the difficulty doesn’t stop us, though, what should?

No, the key question is not, “Is it difficult?” but, “Is it important?” Does it matter? Is it worth doing? If it doesn’t matter enough, it wouldn’t be worth doing, even if it was the easiest thing in the world. But if it does matter, then it’s worth taking a shot at – even if it kills you.

And the next time the question comes to your mind, “Is it difficult?”, remind yourself that it doesn’t matter, until you’ve answered the question: “Is it worth doing?”

If you have a “Yes”, then what are you waiting for?

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