Meaning + Fun = ?

In my last post, I posed what I confessed was really a trick question: “Which would you pick, a life of meaning or a life of fun?”

I called it a trick question because it portrays as “either-or” what could really be “both-and.” As a couple commenters (Seth and ubq) pointed out, must meaning and fun necessarily be one or the other?

Hopefully not.

As the kids I was talking to pointed out, fun gets old.

Unless it’s meaningful, that is.

Truth is, nobody really wants to live just for fun. But then who says fun has to be for fun? In fact, the moments when fun and meaning collide are perhaps the moments memories are made of. (Meaning + Fun = Memories!)

Can you think of a few such moments, when fun has collided with meaning for you? Share them in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “Meaning + Fun = ?

  1. I’ve gotta say you got it spot on. Meaning + fun = Memories.
    Like a yin meets yan experience; that moment of balance when emotion, reason, and Wisdom all seem to agree.


  2. Reading ds post@ a time I got d news of losing a friend. Memories of the time spent together flowing through my mind. Yep, it includes Fun+meaning..hhmm


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