The Pursuit of Meaning is Hard & Lonely

But then you already knew that, didn’t you? Still, it’s so painfully true I think I should repeat it.

The pursuit for meaning is hard and lonely.

Tambaya is about living meaningfully. (And although it’s kind of premature to talk about life while you’re still living it, I’m sure you’ll agree that finding a more appropriate time does pose some difficulty.)

So here I am, talking about something I’m only still discovering. And sometimes I wonder if I should be talking about it, given that I fail so often (although not as spectacularly as I would have liked – at least, if one can’t win, you’d think the least one could do is fail so massively someone gives you a book contract to tell the tale).

I blogged recently about slaying dragons every morning, and I have to say, the thing is as hard as it sounds, but nowhere near as adventurous. Believe me, there’s ZERO glamour in rising every day and convincing yourself you can make a mark. Then there are those days you look at the dragon and you actually want to cuddle it. (If all this dragon talk sounds fuzzy to you, click here to read my post on it and – you’ll see what I mean.)

Oh, it’s hard, my friends. Crazy hard. And you wonder why you even bother.

It’s unbelievably lonely. Yes, it helps if someone cares enough to refuse to let you give up, and if you’ve got someone like that, consider yourself lucky. (And just by the way, it would seem one person is about all you get, most of the time. Or maybe it’s just me. But maybe one person is all you really need.) But even then, it’s your battle to fight, your meaning to find, and no one can really do it for you. Sorry.

All this to very humbly (think tail between legs) announce the return of Tambaya after another hiatus, and to say that I haven’t given up yet. Nor do I intend to.

Tell me, what challenges have you faced in your own pursuit of a meaningful life?

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4 thoughts on “The Pursuit of Meaning is Hard & Lonely

  1. Very nice one bro. Funny and precise, but very sincere. Truly, consistently trying to hit the mark could be very hard, but perhaps even worse than that- it could be terribly lonely.
    Keep on the good work of TAMBAYA. I think you’re a voice I want to keep hearing.


    • Thank you too, man! When it the difficulty and the loneliness begin to seem overwhelming, it helps to remind myself why I thought this was worth it to begin with. And part of the answer to that is support like yours. Thanks again!

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