If We Fall, We Need Not Fail

Blogging isn’t easy.

When I started this journey in late March, I was posting thrice a week: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Over the last month, I’ve been gradually less frequent, and a couple of weeks have even gone by with no post at all. 

So, first off, apologies are in order: a commitment is a commitment, and I have failed to deliver on my commitment to thrice-weekly posting. I never thought it would be easy to deliver on, but I didn’t expect it would get this bad. Still, as I’ve said before, Tambaya is a journey for me (and for my readers, I hope) and I’ve been truly humbled by the extent of my capacities for slacking off. When it comes to giving excuses, I’ve proven myself nothing short of ingenious.

Not that there hasn’t been “good” reason. This has been the busiest year of my life, from my career, to my volunteering and writing, and I’ve felt more overstretched than ever before. Add internet connection challenges and my own insecurities and, you have a full house. Sometimes it all gets too much, and this blog has often borne the brunt of it. But that’s not good enough. It definitely is no excuse, and I’m sorry.

So it’s time to draw, once again, upon what may be my greatest character strength: getting back up (or resilience, as it’s referred to in psychology). For someone who falls as often as I do, no other strength has proven more valuable. I’m committing to posting on Mondays. Posting on Wednesdays and Fridays will be optional for now, but I will still try to do that all I can.

Once again, Tambaya is back. Thanks for sticking around.

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