Relentless Rain, and a Poem I Wrote

There’s only one place to be when it’s raining heavily: at home, drinking whatever hot liquid is your preference. Being out in the rain sucks, even when you’re in a car. But the worst is being caught in heavy rain on your feet! That’s one experience that can be downright depressing! (Not surprisingly, rain shows up in many teary movie scenes.)

It all brings strongly to mind a short poem I wrote last year (posted on my former blog, and in my Facebook notes), which I’m re-posting here; the seed of it came to me when I was caught out in the rain. Enjoy.


He glances at her
this chauffeur-driven
man in business suit,
from within his air-conditioned
made-by-Toyota rain shelter,
one of nineteen such
that slow to a stop
before the glare of
two red lights.

Her eyes stung by endless
darts of falling water,
she silently watches as he
continues his phone call;
smothers a shiver as she
ponders who he is,
where he’s headed,
what he’s thinking…
and if he might like her boiled groundnuts

Then twin amber suns,
man-made, shine in the rain,
heralding motion;
nineteen keys turn in ignitions,
nineteen engines rev into life,
the lights glow green,
and the metal multitude advances
bearing its load of
histories and destinies…

She saw a man at those lights.
but he did not see her.

Have a great week!

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2 thoughts on “Relentless Rain, and a Poem I Wrote

  1. I guess it takes a lot of reading and pondering to understand a poem. Anyway, i think i have come to terms much better with this poem than i had when i first read it in your previous blog. Cheers!


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