Best Money Advice I Ever Got

When I was returning from northern Nigeria after my mandatory year of national youth service, my Gombe dad (as I like to call him – and yes, we’re still in touch) gave me some advice. It was one of those simple and yet sage pieces of advice that stick in your brain forever. I still remember that evening: we were in his aged truck, once-blue, and he was dropping me off at my flat for the last time. He’d cut the engine to say some parting words, and this was one of them.

“Never take a decision because of money.”

I’ve meditated on that advice countless times since. As I understood it, he wasn’t telling me not to factor money into my decisions (I wonder if that’s even possible). I felt he was telling me money shouldn’t be my primary drive – that the choices I make should be driven by something more than just higher pay. (He said it in the context of job decisions, but meant it generally.)

To date, I’ve managed to follow it. In the few job decisions I’ve had to make, I’ve fought (yes, it can be that hard) to keep my values in sight and work from there, keeping money secondary. It has implied having to give up some “opportunities”, but I have no regrets. In return, I enjoy a level of job satisfaction I consider myself fortunate to have.

What do you think? Do you agree with my Gombe dad – or do you think I’ve just been lucky?

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2 thoughts on “Best Money Advice I Ever Got

  1. I agree with you totally. My grandfather told that the the luckiest you can be is when you can wake up most days and look forward to your day. Its true that if you follow your heart, the money part will sort itself out.


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