Living Meaningfully

In the weeks since Tambaya’s been up and running (2 months now – wow!), I’ve been on a personal journey of my own, and I’m pleased to announce that I’ve recorded some personal victories.

A few:

I recommenced daily exercising. I made walking part of my commute, which means I walk part of the way – a good part too, up to 2 kilometres of it! It felt so good the first day I’ve been walking back too!

I started work on my version of my personal life plan (courtesy Michael Hyatt – you can get one by signing up here), and I now have a document of my personal vision, mission and values.

I also drew up a list of long- and medium-term responsibility areas, current projects and next actions. (That’s from David Allen’s Getting Things Done.)

I tried out a new – and deceptively simple – morning routine, which is working, so far. (This one was suggested by a friend.) I snooze my alarm from when I wake to when I leave, which means I’m tracking my time use in 10-minute packets. The results: 2 hours freed up each morning!

Wondering what all this productivity-sounding stuff has to do with Tambaya? The answer lies in the overall result: I’m finding myself conscious of a sense of greater effectiveness. I feel, more than I have in a long while, that I’m living not in reaction, but on purpose.

I’m living meaningfully.

I’d like to share this journey with you here on this blog. I’ll still be posting along the usual lines, but from time to time, I’ll be sharing from my experiences, mistakes, discoveries. And I hope you’ll share yours too, so we can learn from each other, fellow-travellers on this journey toward more meaningful lives.

What do you say?

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