What Will You Say Tomorrow?

_____  [insert name] wuz ’ere.

Familiar? That line was probably the most popular choice of toilet graffiti in my secondary school, as in most others back then. Of course, there were the usual declarations of love (“X loves Y”), terse religious warnings (“writing on this wall is a sin”), and the inevitable sexual material (with accompanying graphics that duly spared your imagination needless labour).

None was as common as “X wuz ’ere.” It still is, I think. (I wrote it a few times myself.)

Now, I don’t even know if it means anything that students wrote it more than anything else. But a colleague and I were talking the other day about how we all have a deep need to make an impact in the world, to leave no-one in doubt that we passed this way. That we were ’ere. (Yes, she used those very words.)

Who knows, maybe school kids are on to something.

One more thing: the statement’s in past tense. I wuz ’ere. Not I am here. It’s not something you can say now. It’s something you can only say tomorrow, about today.

The question then is, what are you doing today – right now – to make that statement possible tomorrow?

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