Tambaya: In Search of Meaning

Tambaya is as much a journey for me as it is (I hope) for you. Every time I’m here, I still ask myself what I really have to offer you, what reason in the world you should come here thrice a week.

Elsewhere, I’ve described Tambaya as being about the big questions of life: the questions we so easily lose sight of as we struggle to keep our heads above the water of our everyday lives. But in the nearly two months I’ve been posting, I’ve found another question stirring within: “Why am I raising questions?”

In thinking about that, something else has slowly become clearer that I realise now was implicit from the outset: I’m looking for meaning.

And unless I’m mistaken, so are you.

So here’s the deal. I’ll keep writing posts that raise questions and look for meaning in both likely and unlikely places: personal experiences, news and events, books and movies and music, ideas and issues and more. I hope you will join me in raising these questions, and that they will inspire you to ask some of your own – and ask them better.

The focus of Tambaya is not about to change. On the contrary, it’s getting sharper. Tambaya will still be about the big questions, only the biggest one will be: What does this mean?

Once again, welcome to Tambaya: in search of meaning.

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2 thoughts on “Tambaya: In Search of Meaning

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