Event: The Platform 8.0

Hi. How was your weekend? Mine was dominated by an event called The Platform, organised by my church. This was the 8th edition and, speaker-wise, the most high-powered yet.

Here’s the line-up of speakers, complete with hyperlinks. (Don’t worry about leaving this page: the links will open in new tabs or windows.)

And from the home front:

  • Leke Alder, branding strategist and host of the Lagos-based radio show, Minding Your Business.
  • Lanre Olusola, motivational speaker and life coach.
  • Tony Rapu, social activist and pastor of This Present House.

Of particular interest to Tambaya!, though (if you’re wondering what any of this has to do with the blog as you know it), was some of the stuff Anand said, on thinking about technology: how we use it and how it defines us. I’ll be sharing along these lines over the next few posts.

By the way, Sarah Lacy wrote an interesting  article on our very own Computer Village three days ago.

Have a great week!

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