Do It Yourself. All of It.

One of the hard realities of living here in Nigeria is you don’t get to take anything for granted.

You want electric power and potable water? No problem, you got it. You want it regularly? Go get yours.

Taking an evening stroll? No problem, just keep an eye (or make that two) out for the oncoming okada (commercial motorcycles). Yes, even if you’re on the pavement.

Making a call? Check your credit first. You want to be sure that’s not why it gets dropped.

Throwing a party? You can check the weather forecast. Or just make a wish. Makes little difference.

University education? Minimum of four years for most courses. Note: extra years are available at no extra cost.

Travelling by road? Hmmm. Okay, I’ll be praying for you.

Still on that evening stroll? You might want to head back home. Thieves come in various shapes and sizes, you know. And the police don’t necessarily come…

(Don’t get me wrong: this is not a rant. I’m just saying.)

Of course, living in a first world country doesn’t mean you get to take life for granted. (No one does.) It only allows you to take certain basics for granted so you can worry about other stuff.

In a third world country, it’s all DIY. (Well, almost.) And we wonder why we feel so stressed…

How much do you have to do for yourself where you live? What do you wish you could take for granted?

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