What Are You Willing to Trade? (Part 2)

In my last post, I considered the trade-offs hidden in our everyday lives, and how it helps to question what trade-offs lurk in every decision we make.

This questioning is key because, as ykolaw points out, what we do unconsciously tells a great about who we are.

There’s more, though. Think of decision-making as trying to get the best bargain in a situation. Now try to remember: have you ever gotten a bad bargain because you thought (wrongly) that you could get only one of two options?

Except…what if you don’t have to trade-off? Who says you have to choose between being quick and being thorough? Who says you can’t deliver high quality at a low price? Who says you can’t be both gentle and firm?

Why choose when you can have both (or more)?

Only thing is, you better be thinking about the trade-off rule if you’re want to catch the exception.

So, where do you think you could be getting a better bargain?


What do YOU think?

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