When is Info Irrelevant?

Nigeria’s presidential elections hold tomorrow (gulp!), and I know who’s getting my vote. I’ve got friends, though, who’re yet to make up their mind.

It’s not for lack of knowledge, mind you. If anything, it’s the opposite: some can give you near-encyclopaedic info on each candidate. But they can’t pick one. And I don’t get it.

Here’s what I say to them: Say you’re a patient in a bad state, and the kind doctor says, “Hm. We have a little problem here. You see, there are only a few treatment options available for your condition. Unfortunately, they’ve all got such serious side effects, I can’t decide which to prescribe… Let’s just leave things to run their course, shall we?”

No way you’re going with that, I’ll bet.

I mean, what’s the point of all you know if it only excuses your indecision? Do you really think it’s more info you need?

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