Peace? What Peace?

Map of Nigeria

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Finally, after two postponements and much general frustration, Nigeria goes to the polls today. The air is fraught, I think, with a quiet tension, and with reason: no one fears like one who hopes, and we’re hoping plenty at the moment. (Of course, it’s not helping that our neighbours in northern Africa are in the thick of political upheaval.)

Little surprise then, that prayers for peace throughout the voting process are in.

Now, I’m all for peace myself (who isn’t, right?), but just what kind of peace are we talking about here?

Well, when most people talk of “peace” they mean, as I see it, either (or both) of two things: “All is quiet,” or “All is well.” So all may be well and not quiet, (as in a party). Or all may be quiet and not well (as in a hospital). Or all may be well and quiet (as in sweet sleep). Yet each setting possesses its own kind of peace.

I wonder, then: If all is not well around us, should all be quiet?

Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it.


What do YOU think?

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