Happy Birthday, More or Less…

It’s my birthday today. I originally didn’t have a post scheduled, but I thought I might as well post something that’s been on my mind… Enjoy!

Ever thought about the paradox of birthdays? As events go, they are simultaneously:

  • uncommon: you get them once a year, at most – possibly less (gulp!), never more; and
  • predictable: they occur on the exact same day (on the years they do occur).

Maybe it’s this paradox that makes them so great for reflection.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking about today (before today), and I’ve found myself struck afresh by something that’s occurred to me before. It’s a question, and how you answer it depends on what end you’re looking from:

“Does a birthday mark one year more in our lives, or one year less to live?”

If you’re reading this and you’re an April 7 mate: Happy Birthday, more or less! Smile


10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, More or Less…

  1. Hi. It’s a special day. I think it’s a case of half full and half empty. I’d rather stick with a year older than a year lesser.


  2. All i can say is live like nobody can feel this gap on d earth, cos u are one type of this kind. so a half empty or half full cup makes u into just like every oda cup


  3. Happy birthday!!!!!!
    Both are truths,it just depends on the truth you want to face at that point in time.
    I just take the one more year route.


  4. My priority is to live a good life, making every moment count, not postponing the good times till i’ve worked hard for it. At the end of my life, I will look back and smile cos I have had a wonderful time; no regrets!


  5. i see it as another yr to give your best, a 100% if possible knowing that moments gone are gone forever. happy birthday- may d yr count for something you’ll look back and smile


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