What Do You Think You’re Doing?

It’s after 8 pm, and I’m in an Ikeja-bound danfo bus. Now, as anyone who’s had the “pleasure” of using public transport in Lagos can attest, the ride may prove trying, but it’s never boring. This night is no different.

So there we are on the expressway service lane, and we’re making slow progress: some traffic has built up on our lane and irritation’s building up in the bus. (This time of night, that tends to take the form of low muttering noises.) I’m sitting by the door, my earphones on but low enough to let in ambient sound – a useful security measure, I’ve found. There’s no conductor.

From behind me a large woman points out, loudly, that a smart driver would know better than to stay on the service lane when the main one seems freer. She carries on for awhile, seconded by two or three others, but the driver doesn’t answer a word.

About five minutes later and a few hundred metres more, we roll past Palmgrove bus stop – a frequent bottleneck – and the road suddenly (but not entirely unexpectedly) frees up. As far as we can see, it stays free.

But only on our lane.

The driver is still quiet. By now, so also are his self-appointed advisors.

If you know what you’re doing, who says you’re obligated to convince naysayers?


10 thoughts on “What Do You Think You’re Doing?

  1. What has become of the TRUTHHUNTER blog? I used to be a fan or rather an admirer of the truthful content of its articles 🙂
    TAMBAYA!!! hmmm!!

    Anyway to the present article. A lovely clash of virtue and vice. SILENCE!! Silence in the face of myopic criticism. Reminds me of Sir Thomas More as depicted in “A Man for All Seasons”. In this instance i’d say the bus driver’s silence indeed spoke.
    Tambaya? So who is smart after all, lol!!
    Nice on TH


    • Thanks, jscribblings! It was a truly insightful experience, and I enjoyed writing about it. Glad you enjoyed it too.

      And Tambaya! is “what has become” of the TruthHunter blog: an evolution of sorts, so to speak. 🙂


  2. They say speech is silvern, but silence, silence is Golden. I really feel for the woman for if she’s like most people i know, she will have learnt nothing…poor her.


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