Easy Way Out

To do evil, wrote Dorothy L. Sayers, brings no happiness, but only a persistent continuation of an unsatisfactory choice because the evil soul will have no other.

To illustrate, suppose for instance a creature is made, by God and for God, so that its purpose can only be fulfilled in God. Now suppose this creature chooses to live on its own terms, without conscious reference to its Maker, or even in defiance of Him. (This would be intrinsically impossible, but our creature, in its eager desire for independence, fails to appreciate this.)

Unhappiness soon results, but suppose further that it fails to grasp the connection between this unhappiness and its prior choice. Instead it blames the Maker for denying it happiness (as though happiness was something God arbitrarily dispensed, rather than a quality inseparable from His presence and rule). The unhappy creature then persists in its desire to be rid of the “Divine Tyrant,” while unwittingly distancing itself ever further from real happiness. Thus is established a vicious cycle of willed unhappiness, and the beginning of hell. . .

Sound familiar?

“To assert one’s individuality is not necessarily to be free: it MAY indeed be but the outcome of absolute slavery.” (George Macdonald)


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